People Counting Camera


  • Sensor of counting the number of passangers utilizing the image processing function
  • Users are able to record the traffic line information in certain areas
  • Count the number of staying people in certain areas
  • Users count the number of people only with cameras, while using PCs for this process in general.


  The sale of this product has been discontinued.

People Counting Camera

Functional configuration




People counting camera
Functions Detection area setitng function

Settings of detection positions while counting people/ setting of the directions that pedestrians enter and exit from the detection areas

Scheduling function Operable days and times in weeks, and optional operable days and times are settable.

History and browsing function

Browsing the people counting results and history images under specified conditions
Communication function between cameras

Interacting operation setting between the base unit and receivig units while setting multiple cameras on the same network


Image sensor 1/4-inch CMOS color sensor/ 0.3 megapixels
Pixels 640 × 480 pixels
Power voltage DC 5.0 V ±5% or PoE power supply (IEEE 802.3af complied)
Power consumption 5 W (max.)
Valid detection range 2 to 5m2
*Variable by the angles view of the lenses
*2.5m and above of the installation height is recommended.
External input 1 voltage setting input *External switch input
External output 1 non-voltage setting input *Load: DC 24 V 1A
Dimensions 56 mm (H) × 58 mm (W) × 58 mm (D) *Protrusion excluded
Weight 250g and less
Warranted operating temperature 0 to 50℃
Warranted operating humidity 80% and less *No condensation
Network LAN: 100 BASE-TX *Network function is included in a camera.
Tested OS Windows 7 32bit/ 64bit
Windows 8 32bit/ 64bit
The box contents 1 camera, 1 AC adopter and a product manual

Product lineup


KBCR-I01VCHD1L (wired LAN type)

100Base-TX compatible with POE

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