Face Grapher Signage


  • Estimate ages, genders, numbers and degrees of smiley faces, and measure dwell time and viewing time
  • Convert information into data in real time
  • Extract necessary data only from CSV output data
  • Detect maximum 20 people at one time by high-speed algorithms
  • Provide stable detection accuracy (i.e., Face and smile detection, and gender estimation: 90%/ Age estimation: 70%)

Face Grapher Signage


Standard lineups

FG-signage_42gata.png FG-signage_32gata.png FG-signage_tablet.png

42-type FG signage

*This picture shows
the standard model.

32-type FG signage

*This picture shows
a customized model
with a machine stand.

Tablet-type FG signage

*This picture shows
the standard model.

Please ask us about a customized model on a machine with a machine stand, a monitor-sized customized model, a fee-based demonstration, leasing and others.

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