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Image System Platform iSPF Series

The iSPF series is a platform for the image systems developed under the concept to configurate systems that customers require by combining data such as blocks. Users are able to try their desired system configurations by combining the product since this platform is configured by modules in functional units.


This product, iSPF-100, is configurated by a CPU board and an extension board embedding Cortex-A8 by ARM Inc. (i.MX535 by NXP Semiconductors N.V.), and has features as follows:

  • Most suitable for the evaluation and construction of embedded camera systems
  • Available for stereo camera inputs
  • Various algorithms embeddable
  • Compact, light-weighted business-card size and power efficient
  • Lineups of various expansion boards will be launched

Advantages of the image solution service

  • Reduce development costs and time
  • Perform various trial configurations without unnecessary costs and time
  • Reduce various risks involving new development

Solution examples

  • Development of customized modules and cameras
  • Creation of Image processing (algorithm) and software
  • IP license (Shikino's JPEG, etc.)
  • Prototype production and manufacture for mass production

Product configuration


Product name: iSPF-100

Board configuration (standard):CPU board [iSPF-MB01], power board [iSPF-PW01], camera I/F board [iSPF-CA01] and eithernet board [iSPF-NW01]

Entire structure
Board configuration
Block diagram
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Development kit (supplied as a standard)

・Necessary development kit to embed users' own image processing software for further development


USB cable (Micro B-A male adopter/ 1 m) for a terminal connection, USB cable (Micro B-A female adopter) for a USB cable connection, LAN cable (category 5e/1 m)、JTAG conversion cable (1.27-2.54) 20 cm, AC adopter, MicroSDHC card (4GB/ Class4) and DVD-R for development

Main specificatoins

Processor NXP i.MX535
CPU core ARM Cortex-A8
CPU core clock 1 GHz
RAM 256 MB x 4 (DDR3-1333 SDRAM)
Flash memory

2-Gbit NAND Flash
8-Mbit SPI NOR Flash

Network 10/100 Ethernet
Camera I/F 2 of Shikino's camera modules, KBCR-M04VG, connectable simultaneously
External I/F USB 2.0 (MicroB/ For terminal connections)
USB 2.0 (MicroB/ For USB device connections)
Micro SDHC Slot
Power supply DC 5 V
OS Linux 2.6.35
Dimensions 90 mm (W) x 55 mm (D) x 29 mm (H)
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Image Solutions

Image Solutions

Users can configure the embedded image systems speedily using the iSPF series, an image system platform developed by Shikino.

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