Company History

January 1975 Shikino Co. Ltd. was established with a capital investment of 4 million yen wholly funded by Shikino Electroplating Corporation, and began the purchase and sale of plating materials.
February 1985 A 3-story 677 m2 company building was newly constructed in Eguchi, Uozu-shi in Toyama.
May 1986 The decision was taken to expand into the electronics field as the electronics division of Shikino Electroplating Corporation.
July 1986 Software development activities were initiated in such areas as factory production management systems.
November 1986 The development of software and hardware for microcomputers was initiated.
May 1987 The design and production of circuit boards for testing semiconductors (burn-in boards) was initiated.
January 1988 After taking charge of the electronics division of Shikino Electroplating Corporation, the company name was changed to Shikino Electronics Co. Ltd.
May 1988 Capital funds were increased to 16 million yen.
August 1988 IC layout design activities were initiated.
April 1990 Measurement technology related activities were initiated.
August 1990 Capital funds were increased to 35 million yen.
January 1992 The company name was changed to Shikino High-Tech Co. Ltd.
February 1992 Capital funds were increased to 60 million yen.
September 1994 The company's own burn-in board inspection system (BIS) was developed.
December 1998 The 697 m2 Kichijima Factory was newly built in Kichijima, Uozu-shi.
March 2001 The ISO14001 certification was acquired.
November 2003 Capital funds were increased to 111,110,000 yen.
October 2004 The ISO9001 certification was acquired.
November 2004 The company took on the electronics-related operations of Kanebo Co. Ltd., and set up the Osaka Design Center.
November 2004 The Kyushu Branch was established in Kitakyushu City.
October 2005 The Osaka Design Center acquired ISO9001 certification. The Tokyo Technical Center was established in Minato-ku, Tokyo.
January 2006 The company took a transfer of semiconductor testing equipment operations from Ono Sokki.
April 2006 The company's original burn-in board inspection system (BIS) was developed.
August 2006 The Osaka Design Center moved to Yodogawa-ku, Osaka.
November 2006 The company won the 13th Business Grand Prix Toyama management division prize.
October 2007 A technology building was newly constructed at the Kichijima Factory.
December 2010 Headquarters/ the Kichijima Factory and the Osaka Design Center acquired the ISO 27001 certificate.
July 2011 The company changed the office name of the Tokyo Technical Center to the Tokyo Design Center and moved its location in the same ward.
March 2012 The headquarter building was newly built and every business system and operation was moved to this new facility in the site including the Kichijima Factory. The factory name of the Kichijima Factory was changed to the Uozu Factory.
April 2012 The Kyushu Office was relocated within Kitakyushu Science and Research Park (KSRP) due to the business expansion.
June 2012 Shikino High-Tech Singapore Pte. Ltd. was established in Singapore.
June 2014 The Tokyo Design Center was expanded.
February 2015 The company won the Grand Prix for the 4th Annual Toyama Monodukuri Award.
February 2015 Shikino High-Tech Singapore Pte. Ltd. in Singapore was closed.
Jun 2017 Awarded "Woman's shining lively company Toyama Prize".
April 2020 The Fukuoka Design Center was expanded.
March 2021 Listed on the JASDAQ(Standard)market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
December 2021 Camera module automation line newly built at Uozu Factory.
January 2022 Expanded and strengthened Kyushu Branch.
July 2022 The Kumamoto Branch was established in Kumamoto City.

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