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Shikino High-Tech has created new value in the field of electronics, rooted in the Shikino spirit of "nothing ventured, nothing gained."
We continue to make progress with our exemplary design and development capabilities in those areas of technology which are our pride, including our module development centered around camera systems and image processing modules, design & development in the image processing sector based around our own JPEG IP technology, and the design and development of semiconductor testing equipment such as LSI test development which contributes to the prompt startup of production lines and burn-in devices which guarantee total burn-in.
Our unique Shikino High-Tech technology, such as our core activity of analog and digital LSI design & development and handling of mixed analog/digital LSI design, is utilized in a number of different fields.
Moreover, we have our own manufacturing department with an integrated manufacturing line that handles everything from mounting to testing. We have established a flexible production system that can deal with diverse order lots.

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