Basic Policy on Information Security

We deem that it is of primary importance in our business activities to ensure the security of information assets handled by this company, and have established this basic policy on information security in order to protect information assets from things such as negligence, accident, disaster and crime, and to reciprocate the trust placed in us by society and by our customers.

1. In terms of protecting information assets, we will keep in place a system of balanced countermeasures in all domains such as concepts, technology and equipment and endeavor to take preventative action on information security risks.

2. In terms of protecting information assets, we will promptly react in the unlikely event of a problem arising and take corrective actions to prevent recurrence of such issue.

3. In terms of protective measures for information security, we will outline the implementation and governing structure and provide clear delineation of roles and responsibilities.

4. We will provide all our directors and employees (including anyone doing any work within the company) with the necessary education and training about information security, instill in them recognition of the importance of information security measures, and disseminate knowledge of the proper usage of information assets.

5. In order to verify the application of information security, we endeavor to carry out assessments and continually strive to make improvements while making full efforts to ensure the security of information held by ourselves.

Mitsuhiro Hamada, President
Shikino High-Tech, Co., Ltd

Established on October 30, 2007
Revised on November 30, 2010
Last revised on June 27, 2017

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