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About this site

This website is operated by Shikino High-Tech Co. Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “the Company”). We ask for your understanding of the following points when using the content of this website.

Regarding links

In principle, you are free to create links to this website. However, please be aware that for links to pages other than the top page, such links may be subject to interruption and the content of the pages to which they point may be subject to change without prior notice due to page reorganization, etc.
Please refrain from creating link settings that display any of the pages from this website within frames.

Circumstances in which links to this website are deemed to be inappropriate:

  1. Where such infringes public order and morals
  2. Where information is published that defames an individual or group
  3. Where such creates advantage or disadvantage for an individual or group
  4. Where such is motivated by profit
  5. Any other reason for which the Company deems link settings to be inappropriate

Regarding Copyright

The copyright for the information, text, images, etc. on this website resides with the Company. In certain circumstances such rights may also lie with contributors. Apart from those aspects recognized under copyright law, unauthorized reproduction of any of this content is prohibited.

About the content of this website

  1. The Company has endeavored to ensure that all the information on this website is accurate. However the Company accepts no responsibility for the actions of users based on the information on this website.
  2. Neither does the Company accept any responsibility for any loss incurred as a result of usage of the content of sites to which you may link from this website.

About the handling of personal information

  1. The Company will not divulge any of personal information to any third party without the holder’s consent unless there is just cause to do so. However, the Company may disclose such information in response to requests to do so by the courts, Public Prosecutor’s Office, police, Federation of Bar Associations, or other authorized organizations.
  2. If the Company receives a request for confirmation, correction or deletion of any personal information submitted to this website, the Company undertakes to promptly deal with the same after taking appropriate measures to confirm that the request has come from the individual in question.

About the usage environment

About web browsers

We recommend the following web browsers for viewing this website. Using other web browsers may result in problems such as the screen not being displayed correctly.
Corresponding html5, css3.

A request in relation to Javascript

  1. Part of the content of this website makes use of Javascript.
  2. In order to be able to use all of this content, we recommend adjusting your browser settings so that Javascript is enabled. (If Javascript is not enabled then problems may result, such as the screen not being displayed correctly.)

Inquiries about our web site

Please contact us at "Inquiries and requests for information" for any inquiries about this website or any of the links contained on the website.

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