IoT PLC Communication Module (IEEE1901-2010 compliant)

High-speed data communication becomes possible using existing wiring such as power lines. By utilizing existing wiring, it is possible to construct a wired network without laying a new communication cable. The multi-hop function is equipped and can extend the communication distance by relaying multiple PLC modules. With this function, it can be introduced in a wide range of scenes, including factories, buildings and construction sites where long-distance communication is required. In addition to the data encryption function, this product also has the channel estimation function to study the state of transmission paths between modules, thus maintaining high security. The module shape is compact and can accommodate multiple wire shapes, it can be easily embedded into high-speed communication equipment that uses existing wiring.

IoT PLC Communication Module (IEEE1901-2010 compliant)


■Communication is performed with two wires, such as an AC power line (outlet or power supply for lighting), a coaxial cable for receiving
 radio waves of a TV, a telephone line, an exclusive line, etc. Various existing wires can be used, thus it can reduce the wiring work cost and
 wiring itself (wiring and weight saving).
■With the multi-hop function, it can communicate to several km ahead by relaying multiple PLC communication modules.
■The PHY-speed is the maximum 250Mbps. The high-speed communication can be performed even with existing wires.
■In addition to the AES encryption method used in wireless LAN, the channel estimation function provides stronger security than the wireless

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Peripheral Equipment / Contract Development

・We support Specification matching, Circuit design, PCB design, Software, Manufacture of motherboards, I/F boards, etc.
 for "IoT PLC Communication Module" that customers require.

・Maintenance is also available after delivery.

・We also support the installation of "IoT PLC Communication Module" with advanced technology.

・Using "IoT PLC Communication Module" and "IoT PLC Communication Adapter", it is possible to easily build a system and IoT
 that suites the customer's environment in a short period of time.

Proposal Material of IoT PLC Communication Module (PDF)

Case of IoT PLC Communication Module Installation (PDF)

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  P-TMFSU-031 (3rd Generation of IoT PLC Communication Module) (PDF)

  P-TMFSU-041 (4th Generation of IoT PLC Communication Module) (PDF)


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