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We, Shikino High-Tech, with the long-time "technological capabilities" and "craftsmanship", will create our own "new value" and respond to the demands of an era under the corporate ethos as follows: "Service to society through our work", "Permanence and prosperity in our work" and "The enrichment of our employees' happiness and personal development".

In the LSI design and development that is one of our business platforms, we support both analog and digital, and have various development experiences with our business sites in Toyama, Osaka and Tokyo, Japan. Particularly, we have acquired the top share of the JPEG IP core in Japan and have continuously met the needs from customers in high-speed and high-definition fields by strengthening our product lineups. Furthermore, we have combined this technology with camera modules to supply customized development products for image processing and image sensing. In addition, as for the semiconductor inspection-related products, we have responded to clients comprehensively with our integrated system from development to manufacture. It is quite grateful for us that such products have been greatly praised for their high reliability and have been installed in various customers. Based on these design and development/ manufacturing experiences, we have developed the DMS (Development/Design and Manufacturing Service) business in the field of industrial instruments.

We will identify higher value-added solutions with higher quality and provide customers with our products and service speedily. Also, we will demonstrate our comprehensive capabilities from "design" to "craftsmanship" and, in all sincerity, work hard to be able to continue keeping long-lasting ties with you.



Mitsuhiro Hamada


Washite Hiraku

(Pioneering in harmony, Innovating in harmony, Advancing in harmony, Making progress in new ways.)


Service to society through our work
Permanence and prosperity in our work
The enrichment of our employees' happiness and personal development

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Shikino High-Tech is intending to provide products and services earning the trust from our customers, and keep moving and growing with a high sense of moral standards.

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