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Camera/ System Development

Developed items/ technologies

Customized cameras

  • Camera modules for megapixel cameras (1.3 M, 3.0 M and 5.0 M)
  • High-sensitivity NTSC output camera module
  • UVC-compliant megapixel USB camera module
  • CMOS USB camera module with global shutter
  • Stereo camera systems (1.3 M and 5.0 M) for 3D measurement
  • PoE and PoCL-enabled camera systems

Data transmission modules

  • High-speed data transmission modules (GigE, SAS and LVDS)
  • High-speed optical data transmission modules

Other modules

  • Large-scale emulation module for ASIC development
  • Evaluation modules for CMOS sensors and ASICs
  • Motor drive control module
  • AD/DA converter modules for testing equipment

Elemental technologies

  • Microcontrollers: V850, SH, Power-PC, ARM, H8, PIC, etc.
  • OS: Linux, μ-ITRON and VxWorks
  • I/F: USB, PoE, PoCL, PCI, CAN, LIN, RS-232C, SAS, RS-232C, PCIe and HDMI
  • Others: Various filters, scalings and image processing controllers

Burn-in Solutions

Produced boards

Fine-pitch-capable boards

  • Pitch = 0.4 mm 14 x 14 Full Grid and 22x22 Grid (Contact Count=238)
  • Pitch = 0.5 mm 28 x 28 Grid (Contact Count=675)

Board dimensions

  • 450 x 570mm, 291 x 780mm, etc.

Monthly production capacity

  • 2,000 boards and more

Number of board layers

  • 12 layers at the maximum/ thickness = 1.6 mm

Testing Solutions

Examples of provided services

Manual soldering

  • Production of semiconductor final-testing boards
  • Specialized boards, IC socket jigs, etc.
  • Various kinds of general-purpose module boards
  • Chip parts mounting

Supported devices

- Power: DC/DC converters, regulators and various customized power supply ICs

- Driver: Motor drivers and LED drivers

- Sensor: Hall ICs, hall elements and acceleration sensors

- Video: AV receivers and video SW

Owned testers

- Teradyne Inc.: ETS-364B

- Yokogawa Electric Corporation: TS1000

Supported testers

- Teradyne Inc.: ETS-364B

- Shibasoku Corporation: WL22/ WL25

- Advantest Corporation: T65xx/ T66xx series

- Yokogawa Electric Corporation: TS6800/TS6900 and TS900/ TS1000

Analog LSI

High-speed I/F

● MIPI development

- Development block: D-PHY (HS-TX, HS-RX, LP-TX, LP-RX and LP-CD)

- Operating frequency: 1 Gbps

- Process: 55n~90n

● PCI Express development

- Development block: PHY Electrical Sub-Block (BGR、LDO、PLL、TX、RX)

- Operating frequency: 5.0 Gbps / 2.5 Gbps

- Process: 40n

● USB 2.0 development

- Development block: PHY(BGR、PLL、LDO、Driver、Receiver)

- Operating frequency: 400 Mbps

- Process: 28n~65n

● DisplayPort / Embeded DisplayPort development

- Development block: PHY Electrical Sub-block (BGR、LDO、PLL、TX、AUX-TX、AUX-RX)

- Operating frequency: 2.7 Gbps / 1.35 Gbps

- Process: 40n~90n

● DDR development

- Development block: IO, DLL

- Operating frequency: 240~800 Mbps

- Process: 40n~90n

● LVDS development

- Development block: RX

- Operating frequency: 150 Mbps

- Process: 65n~90n

● PLL development

- Operating frequency: 2.8 GHz (Inverter Ring-VCO)
            1.2 GHz (differential Ring-VCO)
            10 GHz or faster (Inverter Ring-VCO + LC-VCO)

- Process: 28n~90n

● DAC development

- Development block: Current-cell matrix (12 bits), resistance ladder(16 bits) and R2R (8 bits)

Power Management IC

● Linear regulator development

- Voltage reference sources: Support both BGR and Vth-difference principles

- Phase compensation: Provide stable phase compensation even with tri-level configuration for large fluctuations such as load current, output capacitance and ESR

- Overcurrent protection: Handle output current and short circuit limitation due to droop and foldback, and inrush current limitation properties

- High PSRR: Carry out balanced overall design to ensure the maximum potential

● DC/DC converter development

- Voltage mode: Voltage boost / step-down type, maximum oscillating frequency is 2MHz.

- Current mode: Voltage step-down type, maximum oscillating frequency is 500KHz.

- Reference voltage sources: Trimming circuits (3 to 5-bit resolutions for output voltage adjustment) for increasing output precision

- PWM Comparators: High-speed comparators (delay time: 30 ns)

- PWM/PFM Switching: Detect negative voltage of LX voltage (improved efficiency at light load)

- Output part: Dead time setting circuit (gate voltage detection type) and circuits to prevent reverse voltage flow during times of light load (improved power conversion efficiency)

- Protective circuits: Overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, overheat protection, etc.

Digital LSI

Design examples

Image processing

  • Still image compression/decompression (JPEG)
  • Image sensing (moving subject detection and color detection)
  • Video signal processing (LCD and TV)
  • T-CON
  • Various types of scalers
  • Image contour enhancement
  • Spherical correction
  • Image filter/ noise reduction
  • Distortion correction

Interfaces and other applications

  • MIPI (CSI2, DSI)
  • eDP
  • V-by-One
  • PCI/PCI Express
  • LVDS
  • I2C and SPI
  • AMBA (AHB and AXI)
  • Ethernet/ Gigabit Ethernet I/F
  • SD host controller
  • Motion controller
  • Memory controller
  • Error correction
  • PC card controller


Developed items/technologies

Burn-in power supply and signal generators

  • Purpose: Perform a burn-in test applying 3 power supplies and 2 signals to burn-in boards that are to be housed in burn-in racks installed in the thermo-hygrostat test chambers
  • 3 test ranges: High temperature, low temperature and high humidity

- Basic hardware configuration (blocks): Oscillator circuit, logic circuit and driver circuit
- Technological elements (main circuits): Signal generation circuits

Development of a general-purpose signal generation device for burn-in boards

- A signal generating device allows users to generate and edit signal frequencies and waveform patterns on computers, and install them in a signal generator through installation media.

- Basic hardware configuration (blocks): Power supply circuit, FPGA peripheral circuit and driver circuit
- Basic software configuration (technological elements): Memory card read/write management
- Technological elements (main circuits): Transmission matching with FPGA
- Applications: Technology for developing computer software for waveform editing and memory card read/write functions

Satellite module control data conversion board

- This board allows operators to control CMOS cameras, take images, store data and transfer image data to the main computer.

- Basic hardware configuration (blocks): Overcurrent detector circuit, microprocessor control circuit and I/O communication circuit
- Technological element (CPU and OS used): H8/300H architecture
- Technological elements (main circuits): Transmission matching with CMOS camera and latch-up protection
- Programming language (firmware/ applications): C language and technology for developing PC software for operation checks
- Basic software configuration (technological elements): CMOS camera control, SRAM control and RS-422 communication control

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