Quality and Environmental Policies

Quality Policy

We throughoutly prioritize customer focus and highest possible quality, and provide customers value-added services and products.

Guidelines for Action in Quality

(1) We think and act first from the standpoint of customers.

(2) We consistently give top priority to quality.

(3) We provide products and services that exceed customer expectations.

Quality and Environmental Policies

Shikino High-Tech, Co., Ltd. has established a quality and environmental management system in order to actualize our corporate ethos, management concept and quality policy, and aims to contribute to society by striving to make continuous improvements in the achievement of our policies and goals.

1. We endeavor to make continuous improvements to our quality and environmental management system in our business activities.

2. All employees in our organizational hierarchy will work together to establish aims and objectives pertaining to quality and environment, and make every effort to bring about their achievement.

3. We undertake to abide by all environmental laws, regulations and ordinances, as well as requests from concerned parties that are to be applied to the environmental aspect of our business and products.

4. We undertake the following as quality-related objectives.

 (1) Pursue quality and liability, and improve customer satisfaction

 (2) Involve all employees in formulating suggestions for improvement

 (3) Promote visualized management

 (4) Strengthen human resource development and improve human skills and technical skills

 (5) Grasp client needs

5. We undertake the following as environmental objectives.

 (1) Appropriate management of chemical substances

 (2) Promotion of efficient use of resources and recycling

 (3) Promotion of energy efficiency

 (4) Raising environmental awareness

6. We undertake to inform all people working in and on behalf of our organization about these quality and environmental policies and circulate this information outside the company as well.

Mitsuhiro Hamada, President
Shikino High-Tech, Co., Ltd

Established on Novermber 1, 2007
Revised on May 6, 2016
Last revised on June 27, 2017

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