0.3M pixels
Global shutter / Monochrome
USB Camera module



  • High speed transfer
    Uncompressed transfer mode(YUV) : 30fps
  • Global shutter adpted suitable for moving subject
  • No driver installation necessary by UVC correspondence
  • Support small lots production and stable supply
    for industrial application
  • Full technical support and semi-customization available
    (customized firmware can be loaded into ROM, and lens selection is available)
  • Trust and result of in-house production in Japan



Image sensor 1/3-inch CMOS monochrome sensor/global shutter
Total number of pixels 640 × 480 pixels
Image area 3.84 × 2.88 mm
Output signal format USB2.0 (YUV)
Interface 5pin connector
Function Automatic Exposure Control, Automatic Gain Control,
Various image adjustemt functions(software control)
Power supply voltage 5.0V
Power consumption 0.75W(max.)
Operating temperature -20〜+60℃
Storage temperature -20〜+80℃ (lens excluded)

Dimensions (lens mount for M12 board lens attached)

KBCR-KBCR-S51VUF_all_dimensions.png .png

List of Compatible lens

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