8-channel Source Measure Unit in Compliance with the PXI Standard


  • Maximum voltage range: ±20 V
  • Maximum current range: ±100 mA (SHSA-101-100) / ±50mA (SHSA-101-50)
  • Minimum resolution: 61 μV/ 305 pA
  • 4-Quadrant operation available
  • Best suited for the construction of the inspection devices for semiconductors due to the well-rounded alarm function
  • Simultaneous output and measurement among multiple modules using the PXI trigger
  • Driver for LabVIEW and Visual C++ supplied as standard



Form factor PXI platform
Module size 3 U/ 2 slots (40 mm (W) × 130 mm (H) × 216 mm (D))
Number of channels 8 channels
Maximum voltage range ±20 V
Maximum current range ±100 mA (SHSA-101-100)/ ±50 mA (SHSA-101-50)
Voltage range 2/ 5/ 10/ 20 V
Current range 10 μA/ 100 μA/ 1 mA/ 10 mA/ 100 mA (50 mA)
Resolution 16 bits
Minimum voltage sensitivity 61 μV (when using the 2 V range)
Maximum voltage sensitivity 610 μV (when using the 20 V range)
Minimum current sensitivity 305 pA (when using the 10 μA range)
Maximum current sensitivity 3.05 μA (when using the 100mA/ 50mA range)
Quadrants for output 1st quadrant, 2nd quadrant, 3rd quadrant and 4th quadrant
GND sensing Operatable by each channel
Simultaneous output/measurements This function between modules is available by the PXI trigger.
OS/ Target Windows XP Professional (32 bit)/ Windows 7 Professional (32 bit)
Compatible software LabVIEW 8.5 or later/ Visual C++2008 or later

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