Monitored Burn-in Equipment
SHSB-2000 (24)


  • 1 temperature zone/ 2 testing zones (12 boards/ 1 testing zone)
    Burn-in operation for 24 boards available
  • The maximum air amount is 7 m and more in a chamber (device self-heating considered).
  • Manage various data information including board/ device information collectively
  • Chip ID reading function (SPI, JTAG, I2C)
    Significantly improved test history traceability
  • 4 power sources per 1 zone (1 system: Max.120 V)
  • Temperature setting: Rt +20 to +150℃ assured
  • Insertable size of burn-in board: Large size (450 × 580 mm)

SHSB-2000 (24)

New Functions

High-performance monitor equipment most suitable for needs at production sites

The maximum air amount is 7 m and more in a chamber (achieve 57% more air amount in comparison to our conventional model).

Provide various solutions depending on customers' purposes with a chamber separated from a power source

Burn-in Board Management

Manage multilateralize burn-in equipment collectively by using PCs for management.

BI-Management_SHSB2000(24).jpgMain management information

○Board ID information

○Board usage history

○Board inspection conditions (settable multiple conditions including the frequency of use and regular inspection deadline)

○Burn-in operation history

○Burn-in inspection results

○Burn-in temperature history, etc.

Board management using networks

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