Burn-in Solutions


  • The leading supplier of burn-in boards in Japan
  • A production system that allows flexible handling of diverse order lots
  • Use lead-free solder in line with environmental needs
  • Acquired the ISO14001 certification

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Production experience of numerous fine-pitch compatible board types

Pitch=0.4 mm 14 x 14 Full Grid and 22 x 22 Grid (Contact Count=238)burnin_image01.png

Pitch=0.5 mm 28 x 28 Grid (Contact Count=675)

Support for an extensive range of board specifications and manufacturing capability

  • Board sizes: We are able to manufacture large boards (e.g., 450 × 570 mm, 291 × 780 mm, etc.).
  • Monthly production capacity: 2,000 boards and more
  • Number of board layers: 12 layers at the maximum/ thickness = 1.6 mm

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Offer solutions for burn-in testing

We have implemented a system to meet our clients' demands with a range of racks, PGs and power supplies.

We also have test burn-in equipment for mass production (48 slots) in our lineup.

From board design and production to operational tests via burn-in program development

We develop programs for our in-house manufactured burn-in testing equipment and conduct operational checks on various devices.
We provide prompt service to our customers for mass production board sets.

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Burn-in Solutions

Burn-in Solutions

Our products meet customers' various needs through the high quality mounting and testing systems supported by our advanced design technology and excellent track record based on a wealth of experience.

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