Camera and System Development


  • Offer custom lens development
  • Carry out entrusted module development based around image processing.
  • Offer ASIC development to allow product differentiation.
  • Provide total support for everything from specification design to substrate mounting.

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Reliability and security based on our excellent track record

Focusing on custom cameras and image processing modules, we offer everything from design and development to substrate mounting.

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Compact camera module Biometric identification
High-speed data transfer

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High technical capability and reliable support

  • Specification design and system design
  • Circuit design and artwork design
  • FPGA design (Verilog-HDL and VHDL), ASIC development (digital/ analog LSIs)
  • Development of firmware and application software
  • Development of customized lenses
  • High-quality manufacturing system implemented by our domestic factories in Japan
  • Employees who have passed certification tests on electronic component assembly skills or on JAXA-certified micro-soldering skills (JAXA: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
  • Technical support provided by engineers specializing in cameras, in addition to those specializing in hardware, software, or LSI
  • Quality assurance system by our quality control department

Support for flexible customization

  • Handle prototype production and small-lot batch production.
  • Offer housing design and production.
  • Take on design work at any phase in the process

Main equipment

Board design

ZUKEN CR5000, PADS Power-PCB system, Mentor Expedition PCB and Cadlus

Mounting equipment

Solder printing

Automatic paste printing machines: Horizon02i (510 × 508 × 6.0 mm) and ELA264 (510 × 508 × 6.0 mm)

Element placement

Mounter: MY-15 (620 × 750 × 6.0 mm)

Reflow soldering

Reflow furnace (forced convection): NV-12N (457 × 470 × 1.6 mm)
Reflow furnace (hot air on upper surface and far infrared rays on lower surface): NRY-550PW-7 (510 × 610 × 6.0 mm)

Flow soldering

Automatic jet solder bath: YSM-813DS (350 × 610 × 1.6 mm)
Automatic static solder bath: UDS-500L (500 × 610 × 1.6 mm)

Camera and System Development

Camera and System Development

We guarantee the consistent development system from the specification design of products to large scale supplies.

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