Testing Solutions

Main Services

  • Develop testing applications for inspecting semi-conductors
  • Design printed circuit boards
  • Produce boards, equipment and jigs for inspecting semi-conductors


  • Program development taking into account mass production environment and mass production costs
  • Flexible support for debugging (onsite/offsite) to suit customers' needs
  • Support all items from single-sided analog boards to large-scale multi-layered circuit boards
  • Mount all types of general-purpose module circuit boards and chip parts (handled by staff qualified in electronic component assembly)
  • Provide total support featuring everything from pattern design to component procurement, mounting and testing.
  • Implement lead-free solder mounting in compliance with environmental directives (RoHS). Shikino High-Tech has acquired the ISO14001 certification.

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Test board design

We have received orders from the leading domestic and overseas manufacturers and have amassed design achievements with all types of boards from single-sided analog circuit boards to large-scale multi-layered circuit boards.test_image01.jpg

<Support various printed circuit boards>

  • Wafer testing circuit boards
  • Testing module circuit boards,
  • Final testing circuit boards
  • Testing device circuit boards
  • Performance boards

Test board mounting

APP.JPGAs well as surface mounting, our highly-skilled technicians promise you a high standard of quality with complex manual solder mounting.

All types of general-purpose module circuit boards and chip component mounting (handled by staff qualified in electronic component assembly)

<Support manual soldering work for various cases>

  • Produce semi-conductor final testing boards
  • Specialized boards, IC socket jigs, etc.
  • All types of general-purpose module circuit boards
  • Chip mounting

Semiconductor testing equipment and jig production

Development of testing applications

We also offer support for newly developed product types, simultaneous testing IMG_0457_2.jpg
applications and conversion of testing equipment.

  • Support both wafer testing and final testing
  • Reduce operation time by combining testing leads for reducing costs
  • Provide flexible onsite/offsite support in accordance with environmental considerations or customers' specific conditions and needs.

Application development based around analog devices

  • Support featuring various testing criteria such as DC measurement and AC measurement (e.g., frequency response, noise, crosstalk and logic testing)

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Testing Solutions

Testing Solutions

We handle the processes indispensable for application development consistently, from creating and debugging tester programs to producing test boards.

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