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1. What is PLC abbreviation?

It is an abbreviation for Power Line Communication.

2. What is different from communication using other power lines?

There are mainly low-speed PLCs that use 450KHz or less and high-speed PLCs that use 2MHz~30MHz. We handle high-speed PLCs.

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of IoT PLC Communication Module?

The advantages (characteristics) are mainly following four points.

・Long Distance: The multi-hop function can transmit up to about 2Km.

・Available for any wires: In addition to power lines, it can also be used for coaxial, leased lines, telephone lines, etc.

・High Speed: The physical speed is 250 Mbps and the effective speed is about 150 Mbps.

・Security: In addition to AES encryption, because it estimates the state of the transmission line and communicates
 with it, the eavesdropping is not possible.

The disadvantage is that the communication performance varies depending on the power distribution board, noise equipment, wiring topology, wire rods, etc.

4. What are the benefits comparing to wireless LANs?

Wireless LANs and PLCs cannot be compared easily because their use locations and intended uses are different. However, when compared concisely, PLCs can be connected even if they are not connected by wireless LANs.

5. Please tell me the module price.

It depends on the quantity of modules and the applications to be used.
Please tell us about your, 1. application, 2. mass production timing, 3, quantity / month, number of lots per year and mass production period.

6. Please tell us the production lead time for the module.

It is about four months from the time the order is received.
However, there is a possibility that it will be further delayed depending on the procurement situation of parts,
so please check with our sales representative.

7. In what kind of environment can we use it?

Communication is possible on various lines (VVF, leased line, coaxial, telephone line, etc.). However, for use on power lines in Japan, it must comply with Article 100 of the Radio Law (for indoor use only, with the preconditions for outdoor use).

8. Where is the unusable environment?

In multi-hop mode, communication may not be possible when the communication line exceeds 2km.
Under power line environments, communication may not be possible if there is a noise device nearby such as a charger or dryer. In this case, it is necessary to attach a noise filter, etc.

9. It means that the existing wiring can be used but does the communication capacity and speed change depending on the specifications of the wiring?

The communication speed varies depending on the characteristic impedance, topology, the inside and outside of the switchboard breaker of the communication line.

10. Noise is a concern. Are there any countermeasures taken?

IoT PLC method implements a variety of noise-tolerant functions and one of them is the LDPC-CC code
and Reed-Solomon code.
Also, if communication cannot be performed due to the influence of noise, installation of a noise filter on the equipment generating noise may improve the problem.

11. How much data can it transfer?

The effective velocity is approximately 150Mbps at the physical rate of the PLCs.

12. Does IoT PLC Communication Module have waterproof measures?

The module is not waterproof. Please take waterproof measures using the customer's enclosure.

13. After installation, do the maintenance, periodic renewal or update are required?

It is difficult to answer because it depends on customer's system.
However, we are preparing a tool that enable maintenance and software updates.
If something happens, it is possible to update.

14. Are there any cases of damage caused by lightning strikes, etc.?

There is a possibility of damage.
If the product is used outdoors, please take measures at customer side against lightning surges, etc.

15. What should I do if it fails?

In case of our fault, we will replace it.

16. How do I use the module? Are there any other items required besides modules?

Depending on the customer's system and communication lines, peripheral parts are required.
Please refer to the module specification.

17. I'd like to try it out but is there a tool that can easily operate the module?

We are preparing an adapter for evaluation.

※ Answers are based on calculated values, demonstration results and achieved values used in Japan.

※ When using it outside Japan, it is necessary to apply the law of the country of use and obtain approval /
  certification if necessary.

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