Analog LSI

We have accumulated extensive track records for high-speed I/F technology and power supply ICs. As well as our outstanding analog LSI design technlogy, through integrated handling by out team of experts (circuitry, layout and evaluaton), we contribute to the production of high-value added products (high quality and functionality).


  • Expert analog group which boasts a wealth of experience and achievements
  • Consistent support for everything from specification suggestions to circuitry, layout and evaluation (individualized support is also available)
  • Processes: CMOS (ultrafine and high breakdown voltage) and Bi-CMOS
  • Fabrication: TSMC, UMC,GF, Major IDMs in Japan, etc.
  • Evaluation system that yields high quality, low cost and quick delivery (correlation verification and automated evaluation technology)

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High-speed I/F

  • We have a wealth of development achievements in everything from individualized blocks to whole PHY units for various interface specifications such as MIPI, PCIe, USB, DisplayPort, DDR and LVDS.
    We have amassed achievements in everything from design to layout for advanced fine processes (including our overseas foundries), and also development achievements in everything from design to layout for RF circuits.

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Power Management IC

  • Linear regulator

  We support CMOS processes, power supply voltage ranging from 1.5 V to 5.5 V and ultra low consumption currents ranging to 0.9 μA.

  • DC/DC converter

  We support bipolar processes and Bi-CMOS processes, power supply voltage ranging from 1.5 V to 25 V and frequencies up to 2 MHz.

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Main Equipment

  • Circuit design

  Cadence(Composer、Spectre、ADE-XL), Synopsys(HSPICE、Star-RC、CustomSIM) and Silvaco (SmartSpice)

  • Layout design

  Virtuso-XL, α-SX, SX9000, Dracula and Calibre

  • LSI evaluation

  Semiconductor parameter analyzer, network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, digital oscilloscope, data generator, thermostreamer and
  thermostatic chamber

Analog LSI

Analog LSI

We support various customer needs from the specification proposals, design, layout to evaluation.

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Digital LSI

Digital LSI

We deal with various design phases from the specification proposals to the ASIC/ FPGA development.

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