Digital LSI

Giving form to our customers' needs. We offer to consult with our customers on everything from drawing up specifications to device production, exploiting our long years of experience and achievements with digital LSI design. In particular, the technology of Shikino High-Tech is employed in such areas as security, energy, in-vehicle installations and the medical fields.


  • Inform suggestions on optimal specifications with consideration given to peripheral devices
  • A wealth of experience and design technology to give form to your desired level of functionality
  • Reliability and achievements amassed over long years as an independent design center
  • Flexible support for specific phases in response to your needs

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LSI design

Shikino High-Tech LSI design technology is employed in so many daily life situations - in cellular phones, digital cameras, car navigation systems, intelligent home appliances and medical devices.
In addition to ASIC design, we also provide development tools that are compatible with the products of leading FPGA manufacturers such as Xilinx, Inc. and Altera Corporation.
Customer satisfaction is a product of our wealth of design achievements and amassed know-how.

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IP development / license sales

Shikino High-Tech's IP solutions shorten the time-to-market for your products. We have a range of cores that we ourselves have developed, such as our "still image compression/decompression JPEG IP core" and "MIPI CSI2 IP core", all offering high performance.

Main equipment

  • Simulators

  Cadence-Incisive, MentorGraphics-Modelsim and Synopsys-VCS

  • Analysis tools

  Atrenta-Spyglass and Synopsys-Verdi

  • Logical synthesis


  • FPGA

  Altera-QuartusⅡ, Altera-Prime
  Xilinx-ISE, Xilinx-Vivado

Analog LSI

Analog LSI

We support various customer needs from the specification proposals, design, layout to evaluation.

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Digital LSI

Digital LSI

We deal with various design phases from the specification proposals to the ASIC/ FPGA development.

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